Pure Water Cleaning – The Mystery Revealed!

Window cleaning – an industry that has been around for decades. And some methods used by window cleaners of years ago are still in vogue today. But in an industry that has changed rapidly in recent years, some of my clients have never heard of pure water cleaning. So what is it? How has it changed the industry and what benefits are there when this method is used at your home or office?

Pure Water Cleaning – Some Background

For many years, my window cleaning methods included climbing ladders to clean difficult windows. My extension ladder reached 6.2m in height. It made cleaning windows on the second, and at times the third floor, possible. But on a breezy day, well, the last thing I wanted to do was to be perched up a ladder. 

Then there was the problem of what to do when the block was sloping. So I invested in ladder levellers, which was much safer than putting one leg on a brick. But still it didn’t answer the problem of cleaning windows that were simply out of the reach of a safely installed ladder. (such as the pic below)

Pure Water Cleaning – What Is It?

To answer that question, I would like to refer to an information sheet prepared by Window Cleaning Warehouse in Barry, England. Please note the following:

Pure Water Cleaning – Is It More Expensive?

In a word, No! The reality is that using ladders according to the law of the land is expensive. Here in Australia, regulations in the use of ladders are quite extensive. For instance, note this regulation: 

“Ladders should only be used for very light work where there is no danger of over-reaching and the worker can steady him or herself at all times. Ladders should only be set up on firm flat surfaces. Single and extension ladders should be fixed against movement or footed by another person.” – http://www.ohsrep.org.au 

Now in many jobs that I have previously needed to use ladders, there was nowhere to fix the foot of the ladder against movement. The law requires me to employ someone to foot the ladder while I climb it to clean your windows. 

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  $. Yes, that immediately will ramp the price per job up since I now have to factor in wages, superannuation, worker insurances, etc. But with water-fed pole work, using pure water technology, I can remain the one-man show that has been successful for 21 years.

No, pure water cleaning isn’t more expensive, just safer for all concerned. And that has to be good for everyone in the business relationship.

Pure Water Cleaning – Gallery

Conclusion – Now What?

So there you have it. Now that you have a layman’s guide to pure water cleaning, I guess you would love a demonstration. There are two ways to do that.

One is to contact us here at McRae’s Window Cleaning and, after getting a quote, booking us in and then watching us use pure water cleaning technology to make the windows at your home or office sparkle. 

Or you can click on the link and watch this video from YouTube sensation, Luke the Window Cleaner. It contrasts traditional window cleaning with pure water cleaning.

Pure water cleaning plays an important role in the window cleaning industry. The next time you see a professional window cleaner in action, you’ll be up to speed on what pure water cleaning is and its benefit to your job requirements. 

Got any more questions? Feel free to contact us and chat about what services McRae’s Window Cleaning can provide for you.


Pic Credits: 

Stupidity on ladders: www.workerscompensation.com and www.thesun.co.uk.

All other pictures courtesy of my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone.

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