Top 5 Reasons to Have Clean Windows!

We are all so busy these days. Who has time to clean windows? Does it really matter that much? I want to give you the top 5 reasons to have clean windows. This applies to the home, the office and even at your favorite cafe, boutique or salon.

Top 5 Reasons to Have Clean Windows #1: Protecting the Glass

It may surprise some having this reason as #1. Let me explain why. Glass is porous and, as such, absorbs many of the contaminants in the air. Over time, these will attack the structure of the glass sufficiently to cause minor corrosion.

There is disappointment when, despite a number of cleans, some windows look as dirty as ever. In many cases, these windows aren’t dirty, just corroded. A regular cleaning program will minimize those problems when implemented from the start.

Another example of this is when builders have worked around your home and they have left cement or paint overspray on the glass. If not cleaned quickly, this will permanently stain the glass. What is a solution? A glass restorer could visit and polish out the stains. But in many cases, it would be cheaper to replace the glass panel. This added cost to your premises could be alleviated by regular cleaning.

Top 5 Reasons to Have Clean Windows #2: Visual Appeal

Top 5 reasons to have clean windows
Newcastle Beach at 6am from Estabar Gelato and Espresso Bar

One of my clients in Newcastle, NSW, was Estabar Gelato and Espresso Bar. They faced directly onto the picturesque Newcastle Beach. I cleaned their windows twice a week for 5 years. Think about it, that is 500 cleans.

The cafe next door rarely had the windows cleaned and if so, it was usually by one of the waitresses. Estabar was always busy, building its reputation on quality food, coffee and business presentation. Being opposite the beach, sea spray and salty air often affected the view. Regular cleaning minimized the problem.

Looking at both cafes from the street, you could tell who approached their business with the greater professionalism. I guess you’ve had the same experience.

Walking into a business that is clean, bright and well-presented, has greater appeal than one that is dirty and disorderly. So if you have a retail business that you want to grow, contact me for a window cleaning program that will support your business presentation.

Top 5 Reasons to Have Clean Windows #3: A Brighter Environment

As I write this, I am sitting in the IKEA restaurant in the Logan area of Brisbane. As I look out of clean windows onto the sunny afternoon outside, the effect of having a bright environment is quite noticeable.

The same applies at home. With clean windows, the winter sun will shine in and provide a natural warmth. Of course, cleaning your windows during your spring cleans will make your home feel brighter. The freshness of a clean environment has brightened the spirits of many of my clients. Just recently, a lady said that having clean windows at home feels like she’s taking a bath – it is so cleansing.

So you have three of my top 5 reasons to have clean windows. What are the last two? Consider these…

Top 5 Reasons to Have Clean Windows #4: A Better Work Environment

Have you ever seen an office that is cluttered and untidy? Maybe it is an accountant or a legal professional. What confidence do you have in their ability to provide a professional service? How do the staff comfortably work in an environment like that?

Top 5 reasons to have clean windows
This business had their windows cleaned as they were moving in.

A clean work environment can greatly contribute to efficiency and staff morale. This applies to internal and external window cleaning. Having clean windows can add much to the initial professional presentation of your business. It tells the public that this business cares and that can only be good for your bottom line.

Top 5 Reasons to Have Clean Windows #5: Maintenance Matters

We know what happens if we don’t maintain our car or house. This constant care of our important assets improves the potential longevity of these two purchases. We clean our teeth daily, clean our bodies and our homes. Regular check-ups assist the health of the above.

The same applies to our windows. Regular cleaning protects them, and alleviates potential issues in the future. Here at McRae’s Window Cleaning, I can set up a regular window cleaning program for your home, office or shop. Why not contact me to start a conversation about it?

There you have it. My 5 top reasons to have clean windows. Did any of those surprise you? Why not send me a message and let me know your thoughts. Go to the contact page in the sidebar and say hi.

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