Traditional Window Cleaning – What Is It?

Since embarking on my journey in the window cleaning industry back in 1996, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformation that traditional window cleaning brings to homes and buildings.

My first business launched on Sydney’s vibrant Bondi Beach, a place where the gleam of well-maintained windows is as essential as the sand and the sea. Since those early days, I’ve had the privilege of providing professional window cleaning services to thousands of clients, commercial and domestic, large and small, from Sydney to Brisbane and lots of places in between.

The Art of Traditional Window Cleaning: Traditional window cleaning is much more than a mere task; it’s an art form. Using time-honored tools like squeegees and scrubbers, and sometimes the trusty ladder for those hard-to-reach spots, each stroke is a blend of precision and care. Note the following definition from an experienced window cleaner:

“Traditional window cleaning is using only the most basic tools; this requires a range of specific skills that can take many years to perfect.” Anthony Cooke, ABC Window Cleaning, Paraparaumu, New Zealand.

Traditional Window Cleaning
Unger Squeegee


Traditional Window Cleaning
Unger Washer


Traditional Window Cleaning
Moerman Fliq Squeegee

The squeegee, especially, is a tool that’s become an extension of my own hand, ensuring each window I touch is left streak-free and sparkling.

And since the window cleaning industry is constantly evolving, the squeegees I use now have greater longevity and achieve a higher level of precision than ever before.

The Magic Mix – Our Cleaning Solutions: Over the years, I’ve experimented with various cleaning solutions, but I always come back to the classic mix of water and a gentle cleaning agent. This simple yet effective solution not only guarantees a spotless finish but also aligns with my commitment to being eco-friendly and safe for all window types.

Beyond Cleanliness – The Benefits: In my experience, window cleaning extends far beyond mere aesthetics. It’s a crucial aspect of home care. Regular cleaning prevents the accumulation of pollutants and minerals that can damage windows. But more than that, it brings in natural light, vital for creating a welcoming and vibrant space.

Traditional window Cleaning

A Personal Touch in Every Pane: What’s always set traditional window cleaning apart is the personal touch. From Bondi Beach to the suburbs of Brisbane, I’ve built relationships with my clients, turning a routine service into a trusted partnership. This connection is not just about cleaning windows; it’s about caring for homes and the people within them.

I am always grateful when clients notice the difference in their homes. Nicky, who lives at Mt Ommaney said this: “The best window cleaner I have had in 15 years of living in Brisbane. The attention to detail was exceptional and he was an extremely efficient operator.”

Embracing Tradition with a Modern Twist: While honoring traditional methods, I’ve continued to evolve the window cleaning practice to include sustainable and eco-friendly approaches, ensuring that our services remain relevant and respectful of the environment. Thus, each job is evaluated to determine whether it is completed using traditional methods or in combination with pure water window cleaning. Click here to learn about pure water window cleaning.

Incorporating traditional window cleaning into your home maintenance routine is not just about upkeep; it’s about embracing a service that enhances your living space, protects your investment, and connects you to a tradition of meticulous care.

If you’re in Brisbane and looking to bring a new level of clarity and care to your windows, consider reaching out. Our team is not just in the business of cleaning windows; we’re in the business of brightening homes and lives. Let us bring our tradition of excellence to your doorstep. Click on this Contact Us link to get in touch with us for an obligation-free quote.

Are you interested in buying your own traditional window cleaning gear? Here’s where I buy my equipment: Window Cleaning World in Sydney.

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