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Get a cleaner view with our professional window cleaning services Brisbane

Residential Window Cleaning

Your home is your castle so you deserve to enjoy the results of the highest quality window cleaning service in the Brisbane area. Residential window cleaning is our most specialised and popular services in the Brisbane city and surrounding areas (see suburbs below).

We clean windows, glass doors, frames and tracks, insect and security screens as well as the specific outdoor glass cleaning services listed below. (see things we don’t clean below)

Two or three story buildings are no problem with our safety first ladder free techniques using a Pure Water Fed Pole.

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We use both traditional and pure water professional window cleaning methods as well as the latest and most effective equipment to achieve the final goal of perfectly sparkling windows. You can have peace of mind that you’ll be inviting someone you trust into your home that respects your living space because we apply the following standards to every job;

• Shoes off on carpeted areas

• Buckets on tiled areas only or under a thick towel

• Mop up any drips around buckets

• Return any furniture or ornaments to their place if we’ve had to move them

• Place removed windows on a towel on a tiled surface to avoid potential scratches

You can have PEACE OF MIND!

You’ll be happy with the service as a whole.”

Boost your mood with a clean and fresh outlook in the home by getting your windows and glass professionally cleaned.

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🚫 Things we no longer clean: New builds, newly renovated premises, solar panels and pressure cleaning.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Whether your business is a client facing cafe, retail shop or inner office, having clean windows and glass is important for a minimum of two reasons;

1. Shows potential customers you’re a clean and professional business who give proper respect to their customer's experience

2. Boosts morale for employees in the office while keeping work standards high and minimising sickness by contributing to a clean environment




Commercial window cleaning services have been part of our business for over 23 years. Some of our clients have even won awards for their cleanliness & maintenance programs!

If you’re a Brisbane cafe or shop, having clean windows to attract quality customers is part of a solid marketing plan!”

We work with businesses to design a window cleaning program that suits your requirements and budget.

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Domestic Outdoor Glass Cleaning Service Brisbane

The outdoors can be messy! Especially a well enjoyed pool and entertainment area.

Dirt build up, water splashes, hand prints and pet markings are unavoidable and constant! Let us take the stress away from keeping your outdoor areas clean and looking their best by allowing us to work our professional window cleaning magic.

We’re available for the occasional clean before guests and events, or a regular maintenance routine according to your budget.




Listed among our domestic window cleaning services are glass pool fences, balustrades, balcony glass, sliding doors as well as outdoor windows and tracks.

Give the best impression to your guests and enjoy the fruits of your labour at home with sparkling clean outdoor windows and glass!

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We have full public and products liability insurance with GIO, the business insurance company that many window cleaners use. If you are unhappy with something upon completion of the job, please notify us within 24 hours and we will rectify it free of charge.

Light showers don’t always impede our work, so if it’s mutually agreeable, we will often proceed with the job. If you prefer to reschedule, we are happy to arrange a more suitable time.

That depends on factors such as your location, the weather, and your preferences. Some homeowners book once a year before the end-of-year festivities; others prefer a 3- or 6-monthly service. Shopfronts generally need a more frequent service – most clients require once or twice a month.

We specialize in cleaning the glass of residential properties up to three stories, as well as commercial premises and shopfronts. We do not offer pressure-washing or house-washing services; however, we have contacts in those industries and are happy to refer you to them.

We’ve been in this business for a long time – since 1996. You don’t stay in business for more than 25 years if you don’t provide great service. We always have and continue to run our business on the values of professionalism, friendliness, and punctuality.

  1. Do you want an internal and external service? 
  2. What frequency would you like? 
  3. Have your windows been cleaned regularly in the past? 
  4. Does the job need to be done by a certain date, or are you flexible?

Being competitive doesn’t mean having the lowest price. Being competitive means offering a service that combines the highest standards with a professional and punctual manner. That means you won’t need to hire another window cleaner to come and fix up our work.

We calculate the cost of a job based on numerous factors, including accessibility, how long since the windows have been cleaned (i.e. how dirty the glass is), and how long the job will take. That’s why louvres cost more to clean than single panes of glass. Therefore, we provide an individually tailored quote for every job.

Why not check out my YouTube channel? Here you can learn about the various techniques and types of equipment we use.

Improve your home or business experience by enjoying a cleaner and brighter view

for you and your customers!